Don’t Be A Dumb Jock; How To Be A Super Human Being is an online learning system was written by an athlete for athletes. Separate your team from the rest. 3 Steps To Developing A Super Human Athlete and Team1. Healthy and physically fit. – Everyone is working out.2. Master your mind. – Who cares about having a team of master minds?3. Become more emotionally intelligence team. What?This course is designed to motivate young athletes and non-athletes ages 13 and up in areas of character building and leadership.We teach students how to use the life skills inherently learned while playing sports towards real life experiences. – Physical strength but everyone is working out.- Mental toughness where champions are created.- Emotional intelligence the difference between destiny and dynasty. This ebook and online course is a journey towards your athletes, non-athletic students and team becoming more aware of their super human ability. In sports, coaches have an opportunity to teach athletes how to use the power of concentration and focus to change a game. Handling or coping with stress and failure are inherent in sports culture. Would teaching these same mental faculties change family, communities and worlds around? Don’t Be A Dumb Jock; How To Be A Super Human Being ebook and online course, are designed to increase the awareness in the interconnectedness between physical, mental and emotional learning to build champions in sport and outside of sport. Additional resources include:Ebook E-WorkbookOnline Course VideoJournalsExtended activities

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