The Texas High School Athletic Directors Association announces a Professional Development program structured specifically for Junior High and Middle School Coordinators

This program called-JHAMS (Junior High And Middle School) – will kick off at the 2024 THSADA State Conference on June 2nd-June 5th at the Kalahari Resort.

The JHAMS program will consist of Professional Development opportunities that will enhance the growth and vision for those individuals that lead programs, or have a goal to lead programs, at the Junior High and Middle School level.

The Professional Development sessions are developed by Junior High and Middle School Coordinators as well as District-level Athletic Directors.

You must be an Active/or Associate member of the THSADA in order to attend any THSADA event. Virtual options are available to those who sign up for the event.

For any questions please contact:

Director of JHAMS Program – Bill Daws:
Ellissa Unger: