Adopted – July 2014

Mission Statement

To provide members with professional development, leadership and support opportunities that is conducive to effective athletic administration.


The members of the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association shall model behavior that demonstrates high expectations.   As one of the most complex positions within the secondary education setting, their role is to provide leadership for the athletic program and to manage its daily operation.

Additionally, their position requires a person who is a servant leader, a visionary, a director, a manager, a communicator, a counselor and one with exceptional knowledge in all applicable policies and sport law.

We are a principled centered organization and committed to:

  • Fulfilling professional responsibilities
  • Exhibiting ethical conduct toward student athletes
  • Exhibiting responsible support of the educational community

Principle 1:     Fulfilling professional responsibilities

  • Performs duties objectively, with competency and in a transparent manner.
  • Ensures values based professional development for all stakeholders.
  • Advocates the importance of honor, character, ethics and sportsmanship.
  • Maintains relationships with all members of the educational community that fosters fairness and accountability.
  • Maintains relationships with colleagues that promote fairness, trust and respect.
  • Promotes the mission statement of the association through commitment to active participation.
  • Exhibits effective and efficient fiscal management.
  • Models appropriate behavior in digital environments.
  • Exhibits the appropriate level of authority afforded by the position and does not use that authority to advance or protect personal interests and agendas.

Principle 2:     Ethical conduct toward student athletes

  • Maintains appropriate relationships with students.
  • Assures all programs offer equal access to opportunities regardless of gender, race, family status, religion or national origin.
  • Assures a code of conduct exists for all activities and is administered fairly.
  • Assures a student centered approach to the development of the total athlete while maintaining the academic mission of the school.

Principle 3:     Responsible support of the Educational Community

  • Organizes, directs and promotes an education based athletic program that honors the total educational program and enhances the learning process.
  • Acts as an educational leader and offers programs that have student learning, personal growth and total welfare as the core of the program philosophy.
  • Works cooperatively with their school district administration in establishing, implementing and supporting school policies.
  • Is responsible to the community in a manner that promotes support from all stakeholders (e.g. students, colleagues, coaches, contest officials, media, administrators and the public)