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The Texas Athletic Administrator Certificate (TAAC) is a THSADA, two-year State certification. TAAC is specific for athletic administrators in the State of Texas, with an emphasis on UIL/TAPPS regulations. The Texas-based curriculum will consist of those courses that will enhance the Athletic Administrator’s ability to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of an Athletic Administrator in the State of Texas.

Purpose of TAAC

  • To better prepare the Athletic Administrator to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Texas Secondary Athletic Administrator in grades 7-12. 
  • Prepare current, new and aspiring Athletic Administrators for a role in Texas Secondary Athletic Administration

How many TAAC courses do I still need to take?

This is only available for THSADA members. You will need to log into your THSADA member account. Eligible members will be able to watch select TAAC videos to achieve credit.

To receive a Texas Athletic Administrator’s Certificate

  • Must be an Active/Associate member of THSADA 
  • Must complete ALL courses in Sections 100-500 of the TAAC course offerings
  • Costs for TAAC courses are included in current THSADA Membership 
  • Courses are only offered at THSADA sanctioned events 
  • To access TAAC videos, members must have attended THSADA sanctioned events. 

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Section One:  Governance Courses: 

UIL Courses

101  UIL Current Issues 

102  UIL – Updates (Year) 

103  UIL – DEC/SEC Protocols

104 UIL – PAPF/Waivers

105  UIL – UIL/TEA Side-By-Side Compliance

106  UIL – Section 21 Orientation

107  UIL – Conducting UIL Investigations

Section One:  Governance Courses: 

TAPPS Courses 

110T – TAPPS Current Issues 

111T – PAPF/International Students 

112T – TAPPSTER/Forms 

113T – DEC-AEC Protocols 

114T – By Laws Guidance 

115T – Executive Board/Proposals 

116T – Reclassification-Realignment 

Section Two:  Organization/Administrative Procedures and Strategies 

201 Critical Components of the Athletic Department Handbook 

202 Athletic Personnel:  Pre-Post Conference/Documentation/Evaluation and Recommendation 

203 Managing the Athletic Administrator/Head Coach Position 

204 Athletic Department-Organization/Management and Administration 

205 School Finance/Budget Update 

206 Athletic Facilities Management and Maintenance 

207 Athletic Program Marketing 


Section Three:  Community/School Engagement 

301 Professional Relationships with All Stakeholders in a Crisis 

302 Texas School Law for Athletic Administrators (Part One) 

303 Crisis Management/Conflict Resolution 

304 Texas School Law for Athletic Administrators (Part Two) 


Section Four:  Athletic Facilities Planning, Construction and Management 

401 Athletic Facility Project Planning and Programming 

402 Considerations for Construction/Installation/Renovation Projects 

403 Athletic Facility – Stadium Lighting 

404 Considerations for the Selection of Various Athletic Competition Surfaces 

405 Enhancing the Athletic Facility Experience 


Section Five:  Health and Safety 

501 Legislative Mandates and UIL Required Documentation 

502 Emergency Action Plans/Weather Safety:  Policy and Decision Making – Current Trends and Best  Practices 

503 Concussion Management and Special Medical Conditions 


TAAC Course number, year course was offered and the THSADA sanctioned event where course was offered.  2018-2019-2020 (Virtual)-2021 THSADA State Conference/FF-Fall Forum-2019/SSS-Spring Sponsors Showcase-2021