The Texas Athletic Administrator Certificate (TAAC) is a THSADA, two-year state certification. TAAC is specific for athletic administrators in the State of Texas, with an emphasis on UIL/TAPPS regulations. The Texas-based curriculum will consist of those courses that will enhance the ability of the Athletic Administrator to successfully perform the duties and responsibilities of an Athletic Administrator in the State of Texas.

Purpose of TAAC

  • To better prepare the Athletic Administrator to carry out the duties and responsibilities of a Texas Secondary Athletic Administrator in grades 7-12.
  • Prepare current, new and aspiring Athletic Administrators for a role in Texas Secondary Athletic Administration.

To receive a Texas Athletic Administrator’s Certificate

  • Must be an Active/Associate member of THSADA
  • Must complete ALL courses
  • Costs for TAAC courses are included in current THSADA Membership
  • Courses are only offered at THSADA sanctioned events
  • To access TAAC videos, members must have attended the State Conference

For any questions, please contact