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The THSADA is making a concerted effort to reach out to our retired athletic administrators to keep them involved in all aspects of the THSADA and to utilize the experience; knowledge and historical perspective that our THSADA retired athletic administrator’s possess. We are asking our retired athletic administrators to stay involved with the THSADA through several different initiatives such as;

  • Teaching professional development classes
  • Assisting with the THSADA State Conference
  • Provide information and news for our quarterly newsletter
  • Assist with Coaching School
  • Assist the THSADA with any research projects
  • Assist the Executive Director with any new initiatives that are created – Summer programs/Athletic Administrators Academy
  • Develop a THSADA Code of Ethics

We have asked Keith Kilgore to undertake the task of coordinating our retired athletic administrators program. Keith, along with several other selected individuals, will provide our retired athletic administrators with information needed to move the THSADA towards a more high profile and pro-active position in the State of Texas.

Retiree Information
Contact Information
Athletic Administrative experience
Coaching experience
Hall of Honor member?  Year inducted
THSADA Officer?  What years did you serve
THSADA Regional Director?  What years did you serve

Rusty Dowling
Executive Director – THSADA

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Section 4.04 Retired Membership (from THSADA Bylaws)
Active or associate members who become disabled, retire, or inactive for other causes may become retired members. Retired members shall not have voting privileges in association business and must have served as an athletic administrator for a minimum of ten years. There will be no membership fee for retired membership. Retired AD membership is subject to review by the Board of Directors.