Bio (what made you want to work in sports, high school/college, etc.)
I love the competitive nature of sports, but I also love working with student athletes and building life-long relationships. I like the everyday is different atmosphere that sports give you. I also enjoy working in a team style atmosphere.

Past participation -what sports did you play/coach?
I grew up playing football and baseball and that led me to my head coaching experiences in both baseball and football. I have also coached track and basketball along the way.

A description of your professional journey to becoming an Athletic Director
I really did not have aspirations of becoming an Athletic Director. I always had thought I would retire as a Head Football Coach. With the growth we have had in our District, the need for a full time Athletic Director became a priority. It was a natural transition.

What school districts have you worked for?
My first job was in Franklin Texas. From there I moved back to West Texas and worked at Shallowater ISD, Post ISD, and now at Lubbock-Cooper ISD.

Any notable or interesting aspects about your current position
My current position is definitely my most challenging one. Because of our growth, we are opening schools every few years. We will open our second high school in 2023 and our third middle school in 2025. As many of you know, the opening of a second high school is a big challenge in maintaining your culture as well as dealing with multi high school logistics for the first time in your District.

Who are some professional influences you have had throughout your career?
I have been influenced by a lot of great people. Chuck Darden at Shallowater, Tim James at Post, one of my long-time friends that I get to work with every day at Lubbock-Cooper; Joe Sexton, and my current superintendent Keith Bryant.

What are some major responsibilities you have in your current position?
Currently, 90% of my time is working on planning for the opening of our second high school and all that comes with it. I work really hard on spending time watching our coaches and athletes compete in as much as I can catch. I don’t ever want to become disconnected from the people I work with or our athletes.

List any involvement with THSADA or other organizations
I have had the privilege of serving on the Policy Committee as well as currently serving as our Region 1 Director.

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