Bio (what made you want to work in sports, high school/college, etc.)
• Attended Chatham (IL) Glenwood High School
• BS Business Admin from Morningside College (IA)
• M.Ed. from University of Texas – Pan American
• After a brief stint in retailing with Macy’s Department Stores and in sales with Gold Lance Corporation, realized coaching was my calling. I felt compelled to seize the opportunity to positively influence and help develop young people.

Past participation -what sports did you play/coach?
• Football and Track and Field in both high school and college.

A description of your professional journey to becoming a Director of Athletics
• Began coaching career at Mission HS where I coached football and track and field. Was an assistant coach under both Rusty Dowling and Sonny Detmer for a combined six seasons.
• Served as the offensive coordinator under Coach Billy Hall at Sharyland HS for two seasons and was then elevated to head coach for two seasons.
• Spent eight seasons as the offensive coordinator and assistant track coach at McAllen HS under Coach Tony Harris.
• Was the quarterback coach at Katy HS for two seasons and then served as the offensive coordinator under Coach Gary Joseph for five seasons. During my time at Katy HS, I was the head track and field coach.
• Became an assistant athletic director for Katy ISD under Debbie Decker in 2012.

What school districts have you worked for?
• Mission CISD, Sharyland ISD, McAllen ISD and Katy ISD.

Any notable or interesting aspects about your current position
• I am most impressed with the quality of our coaches in our high schools and junior highs. The Katy ISD community has high expectations and our coaches have developed programs that consistently meet or exceed those expectations. I have a great deal of respect for our coaches.

Who are some professional influences you have had throughout your career?
• Throughout my life and career, Rusty Dowling has been the most significant influence. He has provided me with advice and guidance as well as much needed support during the trying times we all go through in this profession. I have been very fortunate to have him as a mentor and an example throughout my entire life.
• Gary Joseph is an incredible coach and an outstanding person. I have learned, and continue to learn, a great deal from him. There is no better coach in the country. He truly cares for kids, coaches and his program and his influence is immeasurable.
• Debbie Decker is first class. Her integrity is above reproach and I admire her consistent insistence that things be done the right way. I owe her a great deal.
• There are many coaches and administrators I have worked with and for throughout my career that have influenced me in some way. Listing all of them out would take up a great deal of space!
• Two other significant figures that influenced my career at an early age prior to my move into athletics were Jeff Brisman and Mike Ricart. Both were a part of the retailing industry and they taught me an incredible amount about professionalism, time management and organization. I respect these two very much and still keep in touch with them nearly 40 years later.

What are some major responsibilities you have in your current position?
• Probably the most significant responsibility I have is in UIL and district rules compliance. Our athletic department has a very robust compliance process that we feel meets the standard of ‘sufficient diligence’. It is essential that our coaches have the tools in place that provide them with an efficient means of verifying eligibility of their student/athletes. We feel we have developed a system that provides our coaches with such tools.

List any involvement with THSADA or other organizations
• Have been a member of the THSADA since 2012 and a member of the THSCA for 28 years.

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