Did you know that ArbiterSports impacts more than 40 million Americans every year?!?! No other software solution in the industry has a fraction of the reach. This is just one of the reasons Arbiter is a universally endorsed product used daily by not only athletic directors, school administrators, coaches, and sports associations, but also athletes, parents, and fans. Arbiter is the industry’s only all-in-one technology solution to streamline and better manage sports and scholastic events through Arbiter Registration, Arbiter Scheduling, and Arbiter Pay. ArbiterRegistration (formerly FamilyID) improves parents, students, and your visibility and usability. ArbiterScheduling permits you to organize and change rosters, schedules, and more with a touch of a button making you the most agile department. ArbiterPay allows you to pay all of your 1099 workers in a matter of seconds and leave all of the tax documents and paperwork to us. With over 35 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on making your life easier. Arbiter will give you time back in your day, for you to concentrate on what really matters… the kids.

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