Election Info

Voting for the position of THSADA Vice-President will begin Monday, June 17th 2019 and conclude at midnight on Monday June 24th, 2019. Voting will be done on-line and only ACTIVE members of THSADA will be able to vote. ACTIVE members will receive their ballot electronically via e-mail and will be able to cast their vote by returning the e-mail. Candidates listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Bobby Cruz – Region 8
Director of Athletics – United ISD
Years as an Athletic Administrator: 12

Service to the THSADA:
Over the years I have served on several committees, including the Special Events Committee and most currently, the Athletic Committee for our region.
In addition, I have also been involved with out association by serving as a panelist for our State Conference.

Your goals for THSADA:
1. Continue to promote our association among other directors and assistant directors from all classifications throughout our State.
2. Work closely with all our members and other coaches’ associations to enhance the importance of athletics to the UIL and our State Legislature.
3. Create additional networking and staff development opportunities at our state and regional meetings.

How would you grow THSADA Membership?
1. Inform all directors and assistant directors about our great association and its mission
2. Encourage Campus Athletic Coordinators to also join THSADA
3. Encourage current members to reach out to their smaller classification districts in their region to become involved with and the importance of THSADA


Debbie Fuchs – Region 5
Director of Athletics – Clear Creek ISD
Years as an Athletic Administrator: 12

Service to the THSADA:
Region 5 Athletic Director
Committee Member-Professional Development
Committee Chair-Professional Development
Grew membership for Region 5

Your goals for the THSADA:
To continue to reach out to all levels of Athletic Directors and how our association benefits all classification of athletic leadership. I will also listen to THSADA members for professional development subjects that are relevant to our leadership positions.

How would you grow THSADA Membership:
Work with the Membership Committee to collaborate more ideas to promote our association membership. Reach out to Superintendents and upper administrative personnel across Texas and share the validity and benefits of the THSADA.


Carlos M. Puertas – Region 4
Director of Athletics – El Paso Cathedral High
Years as an Athletic Administrator: 6

Service to the THSADA:
2017-2019- Served as Region 4 Awards Committee Member
THSADA member since 2013

Your goals for THSADA:
1. Continue to offer Professional Development opportunities for all levels of our careers as AD’s
2. Keep encouraging new ideas and information at our Regional meetings, keep communicating with each other and sharing different strategies for success.

How would you grow THSADA Membership:
1. Continue being the biggest advocate for the association, and encourage
2. Sharing and communicating with our particular regions newsletter with articles that will demonstrate the benefits of being a member and will attract possible new members and future AD’s
3. Continue the growth into the private sector for the overall improvement of the association


Oscar Riojas – Region 7
Director of Athletics – Weslaco ISD
Years as an Athletic Administrator: 12

Service to the THSADA:
Region 8 Director
Facilitated membership growth in Region 8
Established solid organizational functions for Region 8

Your goals for THSADA:
1. Continue current protocols that are in place to continue to raise the profile of the THSADA.
2. Utilize the ability of the THSADA to promote our schools, community and students.

How would you grow THSADA Membership:
1. Establish a strategy to recruit Campus Athletic Coordinators/Head Football Coaches.
2. Establish productive and meaningful education courses for members.
3. Host Region meetings where professional development can be included


Brad Thiessen – Region 1
Director of Athletics – Amarillo ISD
Years as an Athletic Administrator: 29

Service to the THSADA:
Region 1 Director 2016 – 2018

Your goals for THSADA:
The membership has grown over the past years, our influence as an association has grown. With Rusty’s leadership, we have seen the THSADA signature on many things across the state that have improved athletics in the school system and for out coaches and their sports. I would simply like to see that continue and to grow even further. I believe with the membership numbers that we are seeing now; our legislatures are taking notice of the impact we have and the impact that athletics plays within the school day. Keeping the athletic period is and should be our top priority. Keeping coaches that are fulltime employees of the school system sets us apart from most of the states in the country. It is the ability of our coaches, by being in the school all day, that enables them to build relationships with kids we all know is the foundation for successful programs.

How would you grow THSADA Membership:
As we have seen membership numbers grow over the years, we have seen many more small schools Athletic Directors join the association. We need to continue to make it known the importance of their membership in this association and how it can help in their development as administrators of athletics. The TAAC program has given the younger members the ability to have direct instruction in areas that they deal with on a daily basis. As we continue to develop these courses, this will continue to increase their desire to join and become part of those certifications.


Dwayne Weirich – Region 6
Director of Athletics – Round Rock ISD
Years as an Athletic Administrator: 11

Service to the THSADA:
Served two terms as the Region 6 Regional Director 2012 – 2016

Your goals for THSADA:
My goal for the association would include growing membership, making the THSADA the starting point in all discussions related to interscholastic athletics in the state of Texas, maintaining strong ties and relationships with the UIL, THSCA, TGCA, principal and superintendent organizations, and providing meaningful information and training for current and aspiring athletic administrators.

How would you grow THSADA Membership:
I would make a push for current members to identify within their school districts potential leaders. Make a strong push for campus coordinators and those who hold the dual role of head football coach and athletic director to attend our regional meetings and state conference. Emphasize our strong ties to the UIL, THSCA, TGCA. Continue to look for the best sites and times to hold regional meetings to maximize attendance. Use social media outlets to disperse information regarding important topics of discussion at the state level.