Thursday, May 9, 2013 8:30pm – 4:00pm

Austin Marriott North 2600 La Frontera Blvd.  I-35 Round Rock, Texas
Members Present:   Rusty Dowling, Executive Director   Todd Vesely, Regional Director 1, 2, & 4 – absent Kathy Mathis, Administrative Assistant  Susan Elza, Regional Director 3 & 6 Karen Funk, President    Kenneth Humphreys, Regional Director 5 Bill Daws, Vice President    Randy Cretors, Regional Director 7 Bob Dubey, Past President    Dwayne Weirich, Regional Director 8 Sandra Howell, Secretary  Chris Feris, Treasurer Kevin Ozee, Membership Chairman
This meeting was called to order by Karen Funk, President of the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association.
I. Welcome/Introductions – Karen Funk
UIL Report  Report presented by Dr. Mark Cousins, Director of Athletics, UIL
TAPPS Report Report presented by Bryan Bunselmeyer, Executive Director, TAPPS

II. Approval of Minutes – Sandra Howell Sandra Howell presented the past minutes and a motion was made by Chris Feris to approve the March 3, 2013 minutes and seconded by Bill Daws.  Minutes approved.

III. Financial Report – Chris Feris/Rusty Dowling  Chris Feris and Rusty Dowling presented the financial report to the board.  Motion was made by Susan Elza to approve and seconded by Dwayne Wierich.  Report accepted and approved.

IV. Membership Report – Kevin Ozee/Kathy Mathis THSADA Roster/Regions/Member cards/Roster Availability/TGCA-THSCA A membership report was given by Kevin Ozee and a member registration update was given by Kathy Mathis in regards to online and mail in membership and member cards.  Rusty Dowling reported that numerous requests are made for A.D. emails from the association.  The membership report was accepted by all.  Kevin Ozee made a motion to not release A.D. emails and Kenneth Humphries seconded and all approved.

V. Executive Director Report – Rusty Dowling Rusty Dowling presented the Executive Director’s report to the board which included the following: a. Executive Director Calendar – reviewed b. 2013 State Conference Report – Expense Report/Attendance by Region/Web site/Comments – reviewed c. 2014 State Conference Report – update  d. Sponsor Updates – CSP/Regional meetings/Service Awards

e. THSADA Re-organization – Regions/Officers/Board Mtg.’s By-Laws Review

  • Region A.D.’s map – allow A.D.’s to attend which ever region meeting is closer to them and look at possibly dividing regions which would add more regions
  • Consider changing model of board officers and responsibilities to move to a leadership model and move membership responsibilities to Executive Director’s office, secretary to non-voting permanent position, add Historian board member, hire a CPA and have an annual auditing committee

Bob Dubey made a motion to accept the reorganization with President, Pres. Elect,    Vice-President, and Past president with secretary becoming a non-voting continuous    position and permanent member of the board, and the Historian same as secretary and    eliminating positions of treasurer and membership as being absorbed by executive    director office, and Bill Daws second and all approved.

  • Slate of potential new officers presented by Bob Dubey

Karen Funk made a motion to present slate of officers with President Elect of Bob DeJonge, and Kevin Ozee second and all approved.
Karen Funk made a motion to present Vice President elect as Chris Feris and Susan Elza second and all approved.  Chris Feris abstained.

  • Review of Executive Directors salary and contract agreement and salary

Bob Dubey made a motion to eliminate Executive Director salary of 5% in kind donations but, do new salary with 30% of cash donations and to be reviewed by the auditing committee each December and Bill Daws second and all approved.

  • Board meeting schedule – update by Rusty Dowling
  • BY-LAWS – Rusty Dowling reviewed needed changes, additions, and deletions to current By-Laws and motions to that effect were made in each section.

Karen Funk made a motion to add 501 c 6 and eliminate Article III Section 3.01 B & E and Kevin Ozee second and all approved.

Article IV – Membership
Changed wording in first sentence, Section 4.01, 4.02, 4.04, and 4.06.  Bill Daws made a motion to accept changes as stated with exception in 4.06 also delete last line, and Susan Elza second and all approved.

Article V – Officers and Board of Directors
Discussion but, no action on Section 5.01 and will review at next meeting       Changed wording in Section 5.03, and Section 5.07
Susan Elza made a motion to accept changes to Section 5.03 and make changes to 5.07 but delete Past Directors line Dwayne Weirich second and all approved.
Wording was changed in Section 5.08 and discussed updating all officer duties and all sections to be renumbered from 5.08 on and Section 5.11 will be removed.   be rewritten.  Section 5.13 Duties of the Past President will be reworked and sent  out later.

Karen Funk made a motion accept changes as submitted with Duties of the Past  president to sent out at a later date, and Bill Daws Funk second and all approved
Wording was changed in Section 5.12 and will delete Duties of the Membership   Chair, and changes in Section 5.14, Section 5.15, and Section 5.17
Karen Funk made a motion to accept all changes as discussed but, no changes to  Section 5.14, and Randy Cretors second and all approved.

Article VI – Executive Director
Changes were made to Section 6.03, and Section 7.03
Karen Funk made a motion to approve changes as discussed and Susan Elza        second and all approved.

Article VII – Meetings
Changes to wording in Section 7.05, Section 7.06, Section 7.07, and additions in   Section 7.08

Article VIII – Committees
Deletions and changes to Section 8.01, Section 8.02, addition of (New) Section 8.03
Auditing Committee and deletion of (old) Section 8.03 – Membership
Karen Funk made a motion to make changes as discussed from Article VI – Section
6.03 to Article VIII – Section 8.03 and Kevin Ozee second and all approved.
Deletions were made in Section 8.05, changes/additions/deletions in Section 8.06  and Section 8.07
Karen Funk made a motion to accept what Executive Director recommended in Sections 8.05 – 8.07 with discussed changes and Chris Feris second and all  approved.

Article IX – Elections and Appointments
Additions/deletions to wording in Section 9.01, Section 9.02

Article X – By Laws Revision
Additions/deletions to wording in Section 10.01 – 10.03
Karen Funk made a motion to accept changes as listed in Sections 9.01, 9.02, and  10.01 – 10.03 and Dwayne Weirich second and all approved.
Additions/deletions to wording in Section 10.05

Article XVIII – Association Affiliations
Deletion of entire Article and Section 18.01
Karen Funk made a motion to make changes to Section 10.05 and delete Article XVIII and Section 18.01, and Chris Feris second and all approved.

Executive Director’s Report – con’t by Rusty Dowling

  • Coaching School 2013 THSCA  – update of schedule and possible offerings
  • PBK Sports Hall of Honor – update pricing members and non-members
  • Retirements – Joe Barnett, Larry Peil, Jerry Sutterfield, Willa Gipson
  • 2013 TGCA Conference – update schedule, President speak, booth
  • Review bank statement
  • Proposed budget for next year
  • UIL Legislative council June 10th at 6:00pm Hilton Airport Austin
  • UIL Spring Superintendent Survey Results
  • NIAAA – Review Conference schedule and membership
  • LTI – Outreach program
  • Discussion on direction of THSADA and how to best serve athletic administrators in Texas

VI. Regional Director Reports

Susan Elza presented the Region 3 report   Kenny Humphreys presented the Region 5 report  Randy Cretors presented Region 7 report        Dwayne Weirich presented the Region 8 report
VII. NIAAA Section 6 Report

Sandra Howell presented the NIAAA Section Report reviewing the NIAAA membership, finances, national advocate, LTI course updates, Surveys, approved vendor relations, and awards.     Meeting adjourned.

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