THSADA Board of Directors Meeting

The complete agenda for the January 6th, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting is listed here.

Texas High School Athletic Directors Association

Board of Directors Meeting

Winter Meeting – January, 2014
Sunday, January 5th, 2013-Officers Only- 4:00 p.m.
Sunday, January 5th, 2013-Officers Dinner 6:30 p.m. – Regional Directors are invited to attend
Monday, January 6th, 2013 – Board of Directors Meeting – 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Breakfast/Lunch will be served on Monday
Site: Wyndham Hotel Houston West-I-10/Hwy 6- 14703 Park Row, Houston, Texas 281-558-5580
Hotel/Mileage/Meals are covered by the THSADA as a reimbursement

                Board of Director Meeting Agenda

Welcome/Introductions – Bill Daws – President
Agenda preview – Bill Daws
General Comments – Rusty Dowling – Executive Director
BOD/Committee Chairs – Page 1
Org. Chart – Page 2
What THSADA Office does –Page 3
Transaction of the Corporation – Page 4,5,6
Why Join the THSADA – Page 7
Strategic Plan – Page 8,9,10
THSADA eNews –Page 11,12,13

Approval of past Board minutes from 5/9/13 – Page 14-24 – Sandra Howell – Board Secretary
State Conference Preview – Rusty Dowling
Program Review/THSADA Sponsorships –Page 25-28
Benny Carter Golf Tour./Hole Sponsorships – Page 29
Mega Drawings/Kuykendall/Henderson/Sebo
State Conference Registration/THSADA Membership – Kathy Mathis – Executive Assistant
Board arrangements – Kathy Mathis
Future State Conference considerations

By Laws Review – Page 30-41 – Rusty Dowling
Awards – Presented at State Conference – Page 42
 – Debbie Decker – Awards Committee
Regional Athletic Administrator of the Year – Page 43,44
                          Region 1-2-4: Brad Thiessen – Amarillo ISD
                          Region 3-6: Susan Elza – Northwest ISD 
                          Region 5: Kenny Humphreys – Spring ISD
                          Region 7: Victor Garza – La Joya ISD
                          Region 8: Jerry Comalander – North East ISD

             NIAAA – Distinguished Service Award – Sandra Howell-Little Elm ISD – Page 45
NIAAA – Kelly Reeves State Award of Merit – Marmion Dambrino – Houston ISD
NFHS Citation-Mark Cousins-Director of Athletics-UIL – Page 46
PBK Sports-THSADA Hall of Honor nomination form –Page 47
Future THSADA Awards to be considered – Page 48

THSADA Financial Report – Page 49  Pete Gavrel – THSADA CPA
NIAAA Review – Bill Daws/Rusty Dowling
National Convention schedule – Page 50
–   Texas-NIAAA Roster – Page 51,52
–   NIAAA Organizational due (By Laws) – Page 53
              –   Membership/Expenses (By Laws) – Page 54
THSADA Budget – Page 55

LTI – Larry Peil
Regional Director’s – Bill Daws/Rusty Dowling
Reports from each Regional Director
New THSADA Region – Page 56
Vice-President election-Active members only – Page 57
Region survey at State Conference –Page 58
Regional meeting agenda’s – Page 59-62
Regional Directors checklist – Page 63,64
Regional Directors – Expectations – Page 65

Summer Institute – Page 66 – Rusty Dowling
Web site Review – Kathy Mathis
–  Member Resources

Retired AD Projects – Rusty Dowling
Ethics Committee
Awards Committee
State Conference Facilitators

General Comments, Misc., – Bill Daws/Rusty Dowling
–  State Football Championships
–  Legal Care – Page 67,69
–  Exhibitor Applications – Page 70
–  PVIL – Page 71
–  Next Meeting – May 7th-8th – Round Rock –Page 72

Board Meeting Recap – Monday, January 6th, 2014

Texas High School Athletic Directors Association

Board of Directors Meeting – January 6th, 2014

Recap Sheet


General Announcements

  1. The THSADA By-Laws that are now posted on the were approved by the Board of Directors on January 6th, 2014.
  2. The Executive Director will send the Regional Directors a profile of the Vice President’s position to assist in the selection of a Regional VP candidate.
  3. Regional VP candidates are to be sent to the THSADA Office in early February.  These will be turned over to the Past President.  VP candidates will interview with the Nominating Committee to determine if they will move forward to run for the position of VP.
  4. We will need a candidate to replace Ronny Peacock as Chair of the Professional Development Committee.
  5. Discussed adding a permanent position – Retired AD to the Awards Committee – May Mtg.
  6. All Exhibits will be handled through the THSADA Office after the State Conference.
  7. THSADA Board will discuss VP election procedures. – May Mtg.


Board Actions

  1. Article 4/Section 4.02: Active Membership – Restored Private School AD’s to voting status as an Active Member.
  2. Article 5/Section 5.07: Removed Past Directors.  Directors that will be getting off the Board will stay through the Board orientation at THSCA Coaching School.
  3. Article 5/Section 5.07: Board voted to add the three new Region – 1-4-6.  New Directors take office starting at THSCA Coaching School.
  4. Article 15/Section 15.01: Executive Director and THSADA President are the only members authorized to enter into any contracts on behalf of the THSADA.
  5. Article 10: Removed Sections 10.02/.03/.04.
  6. Article 4/Section 4.07: THSADA will review all membership and has the ability to revoke or deny.
  7. Article 8/Section 8.01: There will be no nominations from the floor at the General Session at Coaching School.  All members have the opportunity to be nominated through their Region process for VP.
  8. Article 8/Section 8.01: Nominating Committee will interview potential candidates for the office of VP and recommend who will move forward to the General Session election.
  9. THSADA Board approved continued discussion of the joint THSADA-UIL Summer Institute – May Mtg.
  10. The THSADA Board approved the Fort Worth Omni as a State Conference site for 2017.