1. THSADA Executive Director’s office has received calls from Superintendents asking for professional development training for their AD’s and Departments.
  2. Discussed THSADA Website:
    1. Regional Directors need to encourage their AD’s to visit the website often, association office is getting phone calls from various individuals asking for information that is currently posted on website
    2. Spotlight Feature – asked Board to send to Executive Assistant names of Assistant AD’s, Coordinators, etc. that they would like to see featured on the THSADA website.
    3. Vice President Candidates will have their pictures and bios posted under the Spotlight Feature of the website no later than July 1st.  “Get to Know the Candidates”
  3. Revised Regional Map is now posted on the website.  Athletic Administrators can attend any regional meeting but not able to vote on regional business if they attend outside of their own region.
  4. Covered a breakdown of the association Finances.  Will increase exhibit booths for the 2015 State Conference.  Discuss State Conference Registration fee at the new Board Orientation meeting – July, 2014.
  5. Sponsors:
    1. Exclusivity – PBK & HTM
    2. Category Exclusivity – Specific to sponsorship agreement
    3. Use of THSADA logo – Specific to sponsorship agreement
    4. Reviewed Sponsorship Program
  6. Discussed concerns with cost of upcoming Hall of Honor Banquet – will continue discussion on this item at the new Board Orientation meeting – July, 2014.
  7. Feedback on the 2014 State Conference was requested by Executive Director.  Board of Directors discussed at length their thoughts.
  8. Discussion of miscellaneous items:  Future of Benny Carter Golf Tournament, Retired AD’s function; Administrative Assistants training at 2015 State Conference.


  1. Monthly Expense Log for the Executive Director’s office was reviewed.  Board approved that this log would be posted each month to the THSADA website.
  2. Section 5.07:  Eliminate sentence that reads “The eight areas will be identical to the THSCA regional structure.”
  3. Section 5.17:  Change the first sentence to read “The President will serve 1 – one year term and not be eligible for another term.”
  4. Section 7.07:  Scratch General Session and Insert “THSADA State Conference and THSCA Coaching School”.  Add -elect to President in second sentence.
  5. Section 8.01:  Insert “State Conference” and delete “May Board meeting” in sentence five.
  6. Section 8.05:  Executive Director, Rusty Dowling, will create the new verbiage then send to Bill Daws, President of THSADA.  Mr. Daws proposed by email  the Board to accept the new verbiage for this section, majority of the Board approved.
  7. Section 8.06:  add “active” in first sentence then add “at-Large Retired AD or AD’s who will serve a three-year term”.
  8. Section 9.03:  Scratch last sentence
  9. Section 10.02:  Add “or openings” to second sentence
  10. Present at State Conference to add “All THSADA.NIAAA award nominees that are approved by the THSADA Board of Directors, must be active members of the THSADA.  All THSADA/NIAAA nominations are kept active for three years.
  11. Add new amended date May 8th.


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