Texas High School Athletic Directors Association
Board of Directors Orientation Meeting – July 22, 2014
Executive Summary

Review of Orientation

  1. New Board of Directors picture was taken prior to the beginning of meeting.
  2. Larry Peil reviewed LTI procedures with Board prior to orientation meeting.
  3. Welcome – Bob  DeJonge – President.
  4. Started with the “Introduction” of New Board of Directors.
  5. Bill Daws reviewed this past Association year, what was accomplished and what the future holds for the THSADA.
  6. Bill Daws stressed the importance of continuing to grow “membership” and explained that being a member you:
    • have voting privileges if an “Active” member.
    • receive “Professional Development” throughout the membership year.
    • opportunity to create additional committees for member involvement.
    • have increased our single school districts memberships in association.
  7. Bill Daws also touched briefly on the upcoming THSADA State Conference
    • Date change and why
    • Will be held in Frisco, TX at the Embassy Suites & Convention Ctr.
  8. The floor was then turned over to Rusty Dowling
    • Announced that AXA Advisors representatives would be in a little later to talk with our Board
    • Explained that the meeting was an orientation, not a Board meeting and getting through the agenda would not take long.
    • Mentioned that at State Conference we are including a day for Administrative Assistants – will be offered on Tuesday
    • Need to get each Regions meeting schedule for calendar ASAP.
  9. Items requested by Board of Directors
    • Copy of updated THSADA Letterhead Stationery
      • Separate stationery that has AXA Advisors logo for meeting agendas
    • Copy of participating committee members for each region to Directors
  10. Handouts to Board of Directors
    • gave copy of members for each region to Regional Director

Board Action

  1. Code of Ethics:
    1. Motion by Bill Daws – to accept the “Code of Ethics: as written
    2. Second by Ronny Peacock – Passed Unanimously
  2. Kelly Reeves-State Award of Merit Nomination of Sandra Mader:
    1. Motion by John Crawford – to accept Sandra Mader as the Texas nominee
    2. Second by Dwayne Weirich – Passed Unanimously
  3. Joe Bill Fox Award – New Award:
    1. Motion by Chris Feris – to add JBF award to State Conference List
    2. Second Shawn Pratt – Passed Unanimously

President Bob DeJonge closed the THSADA Board Orientation

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