THSADA Board Minutes 2018-2019

Tuesday, July 24th, 2018-Wyndham Riverwalk Hotel

Executive Room #2

Breakfast will be available

Gavel/Name Cards/Table Drape/Logo – Silence all cell phones

In Attendance: Rusty Dowling, Ellissa Unger, Debbie Decker, Shawn Pratt, Rodney Chant, David Kuykendall, Sandra Howell, Keith Kilgore, Larry Peil, Bill Daws, Mike Meeks, Brent McCallie, Rene Aguilar, Debbie Fuchs, Todd York, Paula Gonzalez, Melanie Hinson, Maria Kennedy, Rodney Saveat, Vince Sebo, Bernie Mulvaney, Lynn Pool, Johnny Tusa, Jerry Littlejohn, Brenda Marshall.  Not present – Phillip O’Neal.


Shawn Pratt calls meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

Rusty Dowling discussed Region Directors meeting & Committee Meetings

This group will make up the December Board Meeting


Rusty Dowling discussed By-Laws are outdated.

  • They need to be updated by the By-Laws Committee
  • Will discuss at December Board Meeting


RD went over THSADA Office Staff Duties:

  • Larry Peil – Discussed duties of TAAC/ How TAAC can grow the memberships
  • Keith Kilgore – Discussed his duties / Developing the State Conference Schedule / Discussed, Presenters, Panels, Solo Presenters, Site Visits. Would like Region Directors, and Committee Chairs on an e-mail list.
  • Bill Daws – Exhibits Coordinator, Send all Vendor information to Bill Daws



Bob DeJonge:

Committee Chair Meeting –

Discussed renaming, Sports Committee to “Athletic Committee”

Discussed renaming, Special Events to “Legislative Committee”

Create a UIL “committee” (still being talked about)


  • Mentioned how a June or October Council Meeting would work best for others
  • Revise the HOH Awards
  • Voting is done electronically, but we want to calculate the Award Winners electronically
  • Best time to consider Committee Change is at the December Board Meeting
  • Have Committee Chairs give brief reports at their Region Meetings
  • It would be best to have more face-to-face meetings with the Committee Chairs
  • Region Directors send any changes to the THSADA Office
  • Move Hall of Honor to Saturday Night at Coaching School and have the Reception out side of the Program Room


Financial Report: Rusty Dowling Discussed the Financial Report.

  • Everything in “Black Ink” was the Financial Report from last year / Everything in “Red Ink” is from the Report this year.
  • Sponsorships are what drive the THSADA Association
  • There is $105,000.00 more in the account than this time last year



Rusty Dowling & Larry Peil discussed the TAAC Program

  • This is NOT a replacement for the L.T.I.
  • There is full spreadsheet on everyone who has taken the course on TAAC. It gets updated everyday
  • Tuesday at the State Conference there will be Two Classes taught at the same time. We know it overlaps with Golf. We will work with you
  • Eventually TAAC will be offered online
  • We discuss what classes will be taught and that determines the Speakers we pick for the TAAC courses
  • UIL will always be discussed at TAAC



  • Jennifer Roland & Melanie Hinson will host the NIAAA
  • They are looking for more help with the LTI Courses
  • They need more sponsors for the NIAAA Conference



Shawn Pratt Adjourns meeting at 11:06 a.m.





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