As the global pioneer in wellness technology, Therabody is revolutionizing modern health with science-backed solutions designed to help everybody move – and feel – better. The company provides an ecosystem of wellness solutions redefining modern health and well-being. Products and services are designed to give people access to innovative, personalized technologies that empower them to feel better and live healthier lives. As the authority on whole body wellness and the category creator of percussive massage therapy with its flagship device, Theragun, Therabody aims to radically change the way people think about self-care through scientifically backed solutions. As a company at the intersection of healthcare, consumer goods and disruptive digital wellness solutions, Therabody operates across four primary business segments: consumer devices, consumables, whole-body wellness centers, and content in an effort to live out the company mission: Empower every body to live better, longer, healthier lives by creating innovative wellness technologies.


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