My name is Ally Kinzy and I am a student at the University of Houston set to graduate in December with a degree in Sport Administration and a minor in Integrated Communications. Growing up as a coach’s kid, I loved attending Friday night football games in the fall and every baseball game in the spring. I expanded my passion for sports in high school when I was an athletic trainer for both football and baseball from 2013 to 2016 at Denton Guyer. After discovering the athletic training route was not the route for the future, I decided to venture into the business side of sports by getting an education in Sport Administration. I have had the opportunity to intern at multiple organizations in my three years of college including the University of Houston Athletic Marketing department and the Houston Texans. I am excited to see high school sports from an administrative standpoint and what it takes to run an organization like the Texas High School Athletic Directors Association. I cannot wait to finish off my collegiate career at the THSADA office and further grow my knowledge to fully succeed in the sport industry.


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